$1.50 for fresh squeezed orange juice

In New York city, and in the US in general, access to fresh foods is very expensive. Especially when it comes to fresh fruits and vegetables.  They are not only expensive, but hard to access.  Unless you have the cash to go to Whole Foods or you have access to a Farmer’s market, it is hard to eat fresh stuff.  

We sit here and criticize people for eating at McDonald’s and having overweight kids. But the reality is that buying a kid’s meal is much cheaper than buying food to prepare a healthy meal.  

In Mexico, where I am now, a fresh squeezed Orange juice cost me $1.20, and I recognize that 15 pesos is a lot for a lot of people here.  But fresh fruits and vegetables are a lot of the times cheaper than buying processed foods.  It’s cheaper to prepare a fresh meal than it is to go to McDonald’s.  In fact, a trip to McDonald’s is a luxury move here, it’s a city thing.  

There has to be a way to make fresh foods more accessible and more affordable in industrialized nations.  I hope to see some startup power behind this effort.  

It’s not only healthier, but a lot yummier to eat fresh.  I get two and a half weeks of walking down the street and having access to fresh stuff.  I must admit, I also have my mom doing the cooking.