1. One


Thank you for six wonderful years.   

A picture really is worth a thousand words.  It means the world to me, for my team to all dress up in matching outfits (with some of my signature outfits- evidently, I am the only girl that owns a sweater vest) and take a picture, and frame it— all to say they’ll miss me. I’ll miss them too. 

It’s always an emotional thing when chapters are closed.  And always an exciting thing, when the next one is one that you had the luxury of choosing.  

Yes, it’s a luxury to do what I am doing.  I count myself blessed. 

In the ten day countdown, I shared some of the questions that I asked myself, and that others asked me, in making the leap.  Now is time to go ask more questions, and hopefully find more answers on the other side of life on the ‘street’

Hitting the ground running.  First stop— Boston.  I am out of town six of the next seven weeks.  It should make for some interesting posts!