Soaring through the Sky

I have always been afraid of physical heights, but my spirit has always wanted to soar through the sky. I've wanted to go skydiving for many years but for one reason or another it had never happened. Finally, this weekend, I jumped out of a plane 18,000 feet above the ground. The free fall lasted 90 seconds. It was truly one of the most incredible experiences of my life, an indescribable feeling of dread, peace and freedom all at once. Once the parachute was opened, I felt like I was standing still, floating, in the sky. I don't often have a feeling of pure stillness, my mind is always thinking, planning, preparing, but for a few seconds, as I made my way back to the ground, my mind stood still. Being up in the clouds, being able to look at God's creation from the sky, a view I will never forget, was truly one of the most beautiful privileges of my life.

Life has once again shown me that everything happens when it's supposed to happen, not a minute before, not a minute after. I flew through the sky at the precise moment I was supposed to.

Always grateful, always in awe of the beauty and the force of nature. As we were going up, a fire was breaking out nearby. Many acres of land, and many homes have been lost to the fires in California. The sky was almost red in some places, the smoke penetrated my sense of smell. The fire, the height, the entire view put everything in perspective. The world is a much bigger, complex space than what happens in our lives every day, and yet, we still matter. Our lives matter, our dreams matter. I landed on the ground proud of myself for taking the leap despite my fear. I landed on the ground with a whole new perspective. I landed on the ground ready to soar to new heights this fall. I am three weeks away from another monumental day in my life- the release of my first book, My (Underground) American Dream. I am ready.