3. “Leaving is like dying, you find out what people really think about you”. – Jean.


With only 3 days left, the melting pot of emotions has only grown bigger.  I am very excited to hit the ground running.  I am even more excited to start creating.  I am very scared to fumble.  I am very happy to be able to go for walks, runs or bike rides at 2 in the afternoon, if I arrange my schedule that way.  I know that I will miss this place.  I will miss the people with whom I spent 80% of the last years with.  After being here for a week, I understood the whole “can you ride on a plane with this person to Tokyo” criteria for hiring someone.  If the answer is no, it’s really hard to make the hire.    

I have literally spent more time with my colleagues than with anyone else in my life the past 6 years.  They have been with me through everything.  And not just been there in the distance, they have really BEEN there.  Not just the flowers that were sent to funerals, or the Fresh Direct deliveries with meals during my surgery (though those things have not gone unnoticed).  It hasn’t just been that, but it’s the late nights we shared, the teamwork, the way everyone helps each other.  I hope to be able to replicate this in my new place.   

Jean is right though, you don’t really know what people really think about you until you are leaving.  Sure, during reviews people write some things down, but it’s not like the compliments that come your way when you are on your way out.  I have been incredibly humbled by the nice things people have said.  My favorite one “I’ve decided, I don’t want you to leave”.  Simple and heart-felt.