4. Last Monday.


Today is my last Monday at work.  I had a lot of things I wanted to share today.  But the only one that seems relevant right now, is a potential knee injury.  

I like to play, and have injured myself playing many times.  This time, it was playing flag football.  I am hoping this is just a strain and that I’ll go to physical therapy, ice and be ok. 

The last thing I really need is to be on crutches my last week of work.  More than that, I am traveling a ton in May. The good news is that I have traveled everywhere on crutches before.  Most of 2009, I lived on crutches.  9 months to be exact.

I am optimistic that this is all going to be ok.  And this may just be the second curve ball thrown at me in the new journey.  The first was my 2010 tax bill.