7. How did you come up with the idea?


…..Were you drunk?!

Anntal was actually dead serious when she asked me that question. She said, “that can be a good way to come up with an entrepreneurial idea”.  I agree under certain circumstances.  But that’s not what happened in this case.

There are three things that make me incredibly happy— traveling (skiing is included here), (writing about) college football, and helping immigrant kids pursue a higher education. I have been fortunate enough to be part/ experience all three. Naturally, a lot of the ideas that have formed in my brain surround these three passions. I thought about opening a sports bar,(something I still plan to do one day). I started writing a weekly blog about college football. I became involved with an amazing organization, The Esperanza Educational Fund, and I am now spearheading the expansion to NYC. Only travel was left, and other than getting away every chance I get, no ideas had popped up there.  Until November… the light bulb turned on. I was sitting at my desk after a rough week and I just wanted to get away.  I didn’t care where I went.  I just wanted to get out of New York. There was no easyway for me to find what I wanted.  And that’s when I turned to a colleague and said, ” wouldn’t it be great if…”.  He agreed.

I have to say though, there are many, many good ideas in the travel space— some even similar to mine.  So, yes the idea is the first step, but it’s not what will make us successful.  Robert keeps reminding me of this anytime I have a ‘Social Network’ mini-freak-out moment.  I agree.  What will separate us is how well we execute, how we utilize and maximize our resources, how we tackle problems, and the team we build.  Ideas are super important, without creativity nothing would happen.  I think Rob and I have an excellent idea. We have spent an enormous amount of time, defining the product.  We will continue to spend time asking ourselves why people will use our service.  But what will ultimately take us from idea to (great) business, is execution.  And that definitely does not happen while drunk!