A 360 turn? A year Ago.

The last year of my life has been quite a ride.  I left my wall street job, tried my hand at starting a travel startup, put that on hold.  I joined as co-founder of another startup, I got kicked out.  I traveled to Italy for almost a month, spent a month with my family in Mexico.  Fell in love.  Mentored kids who want to be on wall street.  Met incredible people with so much passion for what they do.   

I am not sure that I had clear goals for the last year, I just wanted to try new things, build new things and learn new things— that I did.  What happens next, I am not sure.  

But what I do know is that if I had not left, I would still be sitting at my desk wishing I had the courage to go and fail and get back up.  

I am up, and ready for more.  What more is, I am not sure.  But I am so optimistic about the future (do I really have another choice?).  

For a while I thought that if I went back to wall street, I would be making a 360.  But how can it be a 360, when I have gotten so much more perspective!  I did not start and end in the same spot. I am actually excited about the possibility! I count myself lucky for the opportunities that I have been afforded.  

Onwards and upwards with no regrets.  After all, someone very smart did say:

' Experience is what you get when you don't get what you want'.