Having the pleasure of spending a day alone is lucky. Having the luxury to spend 16 days alone in a beautiful, foreign country… That’s a blessing. And one I am very much looking forward to embracing.

Too many of us fear being alone with our thoughts, and in our own company. Are we afraid of what we might find? Are we afraid of what fears we might discover? What insecurities might surface?

Maybe we are afraid of what dreams we might be called to pursue if we just quiet our spirit and tune in to the Almighty’s frequency.

I have come to cherish the time I get to spend with me. It was during one of those quiet times when I knew I had to pursue a different direction, and it was, still is, scary. But the things I have discovered in this very young voyage have amazed me.

Now I am looking forward to 16 days in Italy and Paris. I am looking forward to some clarity and some new questions and discoveries.