An inspiring answer.


I forget what the exact question was that yielded this answer.  But the answer resonated with me.  

Life is in fact too short and not guaranteed. Go and do whatever it is that makes you happy.  Don’t let anyone judge you for the things you are doing, or how you do them.  They are not in your shoes.  

Answer from Ed Potter here: 

In true honesty, I never made more cash in an hour, and had more fun, 
and met more people in one night then I did as a bartender. How many 
un/happy people do you see at a bar? Not many! How many do you see in 
a room of cubicles, under cold florescent lights, sitting in front of 
aging windows boxes (of course a few, but really not many). I find 
this an interesting question, for he really has the skills everyone is 
dying to have, and what IT is craving for. And yet he wants out now. 
Interesting … 
Programming started out as a fun, an adventure, and wow. Then I went 
freelance. Once money gets involved, people go bonkers. Totally go mad 
crazy. The goal is to get the most out of you for the cheapest price, 
for that is the nature of capitalism. Just the way it is. Nothing 
wrong with that. But in the end, it does suck the life out of most 
people. Go to Grand Central station at 9 AM, and watch the mass of 
souls pour out. Did that recently with a friend and we saw thousands, 
upon thousands make their way out of those tubes. We looked at each 
other after, and realized NOT a single soul had a smile on, or 
laughed. Not a single person. Then we heard a tiny laugh, it was from 
a small child. It was the the only laugh we heard out of thousands 
upon thousands of morning commuters. Oh boy. That was scary. 

Academia is probably the best job in the world. Maybe have him/her 
just continue college. Sure, get yourself into debt, but a PhD in a 
college environment has to be the EASIEST job on the planet. You 
don’t have to teach coding. Heck you can teach the theory of gaming. 
Zillions of majors branch off of technology. Nothing comes close in my 
experience. Sorry to say I stopped at the MSEd level. BIG mistake. If 
I had to do it all over again, would have taken those few extra years. 

Eventually skills like C++ will go to 99 Designs, and you’ll be 
competing against a million kids from India, who pay 1/10 the rents in 
NYC. It’s a lost cause in the long run. But everyone likes to go to 
bars (almost), for that is where the action is. Even in Amsterdam, the 
Coffee shops have a fraction of the crowd then the local watering 

Not sure how to leverage programming skill as a mixer of ethanol, but 
I”m sure there is a way! :-) 

Life does go by pretty fast. So if he feels this way now, best to leap 
soon! For one day you take that last breath, and nothing comes out. 
And then all these questions one has stored up about it all, will be 
answered. That one can be guaranteed of. :-) 

And TRAVEL, OMG, TRAVEL! It will make him the most interesting person 
in the room! Laos, Cambodia, India, Peru, etc. The more far out the 
better. Life changers for sure. Totally. Can always pick up a gig 
teaching English. And maybe a tiny programming stint. And the people 
you meet on the road, WOW! Really interesting souls in those places. 
Just really from other planets. 

You may want to post this question on, you’ll get a zillion 
links and responses, that’s for sure. 

Back to ObjC for me. It is kind of cool after all hacking iPhone 
Apps. So maybe ignore all my advice in the end! :-) 

For your friend: Good luck with his quest, for life is an awesome 
adventure into the unknown, it really is. So take that leap! JUST GO! 
Don’t think too hard about it. JUST GO! 

:-) ed