Books and What They Say About You

When someone new comes to my apartment, they almost always browse through my (overflowing) bookshelf.   They might find a book they have also read or a book that has been recommended to them or a title that sounds odd.  Knowing the books people read is a good way to get to know them, what interest they have and what they like to spend their time learning about.  

I was told once that someone’s bookshelf reveals an awful lot about them.   I wonder what my bookshelf tells people about me?

My bookshelf has books like ‘Black Boy’, right next to ’ Love the one you are with’, and right besides that is ‘Freakonomics’, and of course my whole collection of C.S. Lewis and Paulo Coelho books.  

I need a bigger bookshelf.  Everyone keeps telling me to get a Kindle or download books on my iPad, but to me there is nothing like turning the page and underlining and circling and making notes in the margins.