I hate clutter of every kind, but especially the one that builds up in your mind.  It’s not productive, it bogs you down and it prevents you from spending time thinking and doing things that actually matter.  

With physical clutter, it’s easy.  I simply have to organize, throw away old stuff, donate stuff that’s still good but hasn’t been in use for a long time by me.  Perhaps buy a few new things to reward myself for getting rid of so much unwanted stuff. 

But when it comes to the clutter that builds up in the mind— that clutter can be so difficult to throw out.  It’s not as easy to organize one’s thoughts, distraction only works for so long.  But I have found a few very helpful things to organize, and clear the space in the mind. 

1. Write down that every emotion that you are feeling, and let yourself feel it.

2. Write down all the things that are worrying you as they come to mind.

3. Identify which of those things you can do something about.  It might be as easy as checking things off your to-do list.  

4. The things that you cannot do anything about, write them down and cross them off. 


6. Talk to a friend.

7. Go for a walk and listen to a good soundtrack.

8. If you pray, pray, if you meditate, meditate, if you dance, dance.

Lastly, be nice and gentle to yourself.