Coming to you from the West Coast

I have been in Palo Alto for 2 days and feel like a more clear and refreshed person.   Maybe it’s the working out at 6am or the hikes at 4pm.  Maybe it’s the coffee shops where everyone seems to be creating something that is going to make the world better. Or maybe is just walking on a street with less than a million people.  Whatever it is, I like it out here.  

People here are nice, smart and willing to help.  I have been amazed at everyone’s willingness to listen, and give feedback and advice.  Even the people in New York who have been the most helpful are from the West Coast and trying to come back (except, my good friend Jay, he’s east coast all the way). 

New York is becoming more startup friendly and the community is growing and getting stronger for sure.  But I have talked to more people, gotten more feedback in 2 days than in 1 month in NYC.   Maybe that’s my fault or maybe it’s just better out here.  I don’t know yet.  

There are so many neat things going on out here.  I am looking forward to the next few days I have left of this trip.  Who knows maybe @tristanwalker and @tylerscriven finally convinced me to move out here.  Maybe I’ll even join a greater cause than mine!  

For now it’s time to get some sleep.