Day 19: too much temptation

All day I avoided the free food at my training. Bagels, croissants, muffins, deli sandwiches, chips, brownies, sodas. All of it. But I could not say no to cake in celebration of my friend’s bday or to a few pieces of Gnocchi that tasted like heaven. I am only human. But I did walk a mile, and have perfectly healthy, within the guidelines, breakfast and lunch. And as I write this, it’s day 20, and I am 50% of the way to my goal!!! Yuppie.

Day 19

Breakfast: melon and cottage cheese

Coffee with whole cow’s milk

Lunch: mixed greens, garbanzo beens, carrots, broccoli, feta, sesame seeds, olive oil, and balsamic vinegar. A couple of pieces of beef from a stew.

Dinner: veggies, 2 small meatballs, Bronzino with spinach and fennel. And also some Gnocchi from my friend’s plate and cake. Ummm… Seeing it in writing makes it worse. That was too much food. Sigh.

Soul cycle to the rescue.