Day 24: sharing is caring

One of my favorite parts about this journey has been sharing it with people. The other, using all the stuff people have shared with me. I haven’t used any of the recipes in the Maker’s diet book, I have stuck to recipes on blogs for 24 days! That’s a lot of meals made, that’s a lot of power in sharing experiences, with friends, with strangers, with strangers who become friends.

Day 23 menu:

Breakfast: celery, pineapple, carrot juice— finally used the juicer! And a Faye Greek yogurt.

Lunch: Pret Chicken Avocado salad and a few pieces of roasted carrots.

Snack: 6oz cup of pineapple.

Dinner: roasted vegetables and hummus and pita bread. This is probably a phase 3 meal and also not a proper dinner. But I was out and this is the best I could do with the menu.

Texas plays today and as they say, what you do every day is more important than what you do sometimes ;)