Day 3.5-- Main attractions- white teeth and muscles.

I posted day 3 way too early— I should have learned by now that midnight might as well be 8pm here. If yesterday was a Monday night there was no way of knowing by looking at the drunk crowds on the streets, the stumbling girls in the bathrooms, or the puke on the train (first time I have seen anything dirty in Tokyo).

As we settled into our six person bar, where my raised hand touched the ceiling, we thought we’d be alone the whole night. But around 10pm, two ‘very drunk’ Japanese men stuffed their way in. Ten minutes later, a Japanese woman opened the tiny door, saw one seat open next to me and made her way in. So there we were, five strangers (only the two of us strangers to them. It was clear this was their go-to spot) sharing laughs, cheers, and love for Jesus’s muscles.
At first, we were annoyed by the two men who laughed at our ‘kon’nichiwa’ (hello). But soon it was us who could not stop laughing at their pure admiration of Jesus’s muscles. The drunker of the two men jokingly pushed Jesus on his arm and as soon as he put his hand on Jesus’s arm, his eyes widen and he proceed to tell the two women and the other guy to go ahead and touch ‘the muscles’. Truly one of the funniest things ever.
The rest of the night was a great social experiment. We managed to communicate with facial expressions, sign language and the aid of good-ole google and YouTube. We shared our love of Bachata, they continued to share their love of ‘the muscles’ and my ‘clean’ teeth. They shared a local ‘favorite’ food— fermented beans with some sticky thing on it, not my favorite. Four hours later, the bill was a completely made up 4,000 yen, not bad for snacks, not sure how many drinks, and ‘many memories’.