Day three- the body gets what the body wants.

The day started early at 2:00am when the body said it was 1pm and time to eat. Though we woke up so early we managed to miss the Tuna auctions. By the time we arrived at 4:30am all the 120 spots has been given away. But we made the best of it. We waited in line for nearly 2.5hrs for a spot at the tiny Sushi Dai near the fruits and vegetables area— stand #6. We arrived before it opened and there was already 30 or so people ahead of us. By 8:00am our bellies were stuffed with some of the best food I’ve had my entire life. Each piece of Sushi was masterfully crafted- truly an art. Some had nothing more than a stroke of delicious sauce, and please no soy sauce the master would say. Soon I forgot the disappointment of missing the auction.

Next up, during a rainy day, was the Edo Tokyo museum. It was a beautiful walk from the metro along a cherry blossom lined street. The museum doesn’t normally open on Mondays but we got lucky and today it was. Before the museum opened we wondered around the area and came to a surprisingly beautiful memorial of war war II. The museum itself was stunning, from the building that hosts it, to the replicas inside of Edo period Japan.
Today could have been a disappointing day, missing the Tuna auction and sleeping through our three-month old reservation at the Ghibli Museum. But we refused to have a down day during our trip. The night brought us to the Golden Gai in Shinjiku. We sat inside a tiny bar, just the two of us and the ‘master’— a woman in her 40s who loves cats and makes delicious food.