Days 34 & 35: I have not yet conquered

… The weekend. The weekends are still difficult for me to stay with the eating clean and healthy lifestyle. There is always something going on. Texas football, parties, etc. But I have conquered moderation. Saturday I ate wings, nachos, and drank too much beer (so much for moderation). But I fell asleep at 8pm and so that’s all I ate.

Sunday was better, I had eggs and turkey bacon for breakfast. I can’t remember what I ate for lunch? And for dinner I had Tilapia fish tacos! The tortilla was the Ezekiel break kind, made with lentils, beans, and whole grains. No flour, and gluten free. They were delicious.

The 40 days are almost over! I am starting to realize that eating healthy, clean and the way God intended is archivable (sans weekends)!