Dreams & Distractions

I wholeheartedly believe in being focused and determined and not letting things distract us from pursuing our dreams.  


I had a big revelation today about distractions and how they may just be the dreams that life is calling us to pursue or a way to confirm that our original dreams were in fact the right path.   

For example, I know of a guy who was doing really well in investment banking and his little passion for music was a ‘distraction’ that kept calling him… I heard he has recorded and album and just got signed.  A distraction that was worth getting distracted for…

Or I have heard of the guy or girl, who breaks up with his/her boyfriend/girlfriend to find out what else is out there, only to find that what they were searching for, they already had.  Distractions that confirmed the original dream was the right one.  As an aside, I hope the girl/boy takes them back.  

So, while I am not saying to sway to the right and to the left every time a distraction pops up….  I am saying that some distractions may be the universe calling us in a different direction.