If you think that by doing your own thing, pursuing your dreams, or following a worthy cause you will work LESS….  well then, at best you have the wrong expectations.  At worst, you may have the wrong motivations, in my opinion.

Certainly people switch jobs because their hours suck.  I admire people who chose their lives over their jobs.  But to leave a job to start your own thing BECAUSE you want to work less is not the best decision.  You will be disappointed.

The truth is, when you are building that’s all you can think about, that’s all you WANT to do.  If you are spending time doing anything else, you keep thinking of going back to IT. And when you are building, creating, pursuing, and working on IT (whatever that IT is), you never think that you should be doing something else.

With all that said, you do get a bit more flexibility.  You get to chose what to do, and when to do it.  That has a whole bunch of other implications, and some limitations. Especially once you have a board and investors.  But in general, you can go take a day ‘off” in the middle of the week and work on a Saturday instead.  Or start your day at 8am and be ‘done’ whenever, or start at 10am and be ‘done’ whenever.  

And as Malcolm Gladwell puts it “Autonomy, complexity, and connection between effort and reward- are, most people would agree, the three qualities that work has to have, if it is to be satisfying”.  

Creating your own thing for sure meets those three requirements.   So even if, your ‘hours’ are worse, and you have to totally change your spending habits, and take the subway when you’d rather take a cab…..  even then, it’s still totally worth it!