Finding Rhythm

Structure has its perks.  

When I came home from work, I usually felt productive.  I had ‘tangible’ things to show for my day.  I am use to doing, and thinking while doing, and then doing some more.

This new life has a different rhythm.  My day still starts at 8am and doesn’t quite have an end time.  And there have been days when all I do is read and research, but it’s hard to quantify my productivity.  

I have been encouraged by successful entrepreneurs to just sit and think.  To laser in on exactly what my value proposition is.  To articulate to myself what my secret sauce is? To define my product clearly.  In my head it all makes sense.  And I just want to go do.

But, lesson one:  More important than always going fast is knowing when to switch gears. 

There are a few things that have helped me with this vagueness:

1. Making list of things I have done (even if it’s emails I had to write)

2. Making notes of every conversation I have

3. Making notes of things I read

I am told, it’s only been a week.  It’s a valid point. ha. 

For now, I am still trying to find my new rhythm.  

But I do LOVE this new melody I am dancing to.