Full Disclosure

First off… Thanks for all the comments via FB. 

For the sake of full disclosure… I am considering taking the GMAT.

The best hedge is simply to be prepared.  

Taking the GMAT is like buying cheap protection.  And I want to be prepared.  In case I WANT to go.  Like in financial markets, when you buy tail-risk protection, you hope you never have to actually use it. 

It’s like saving, it helps you be prepared.  It’s not about being jaded, it’s about being smart.  

UPDATE- Going back to Bschool would not be to go back to the corporate world.  I would do it because I think it can somehow help me do something I am not already— right now I don’t think that’s the case. Taking the GMAT just means that I would have the option to go.  Jeez.  I just left my job, if that’s not taking a leap, then I don’t know what is.