In Search of the Perfect Man..

My number one priority over the next several weeks, (and I hope it’s only weeks) is to find a technical co-founder.  My priority over the last several weeks has been meeting people who can potentially introduce me to MY perfect man.  

Finding a technical co-founder is very much like dating (except worse).  It has to be the right fit, you have to share similar visions, you have to share similar goals, you have to trust this person who is going to be your partner.  You have to compliment each other.  You have to be patient with them, and them with you. This whole thing about opposites attracting each other has never rang more true.  The best founding team for a startup is a group of two or three people who have synergistic – not overlapping – skills”.

What are the specific qualities of MY perfect man?  Well, there are are several.  They have an entrepreneurial spirit (this is a must), they want to build something of their own, they love to travel, they want to change the world (or at least the way people do certain things).  That’s the personal stuff. 

On the technical side, they know PHP, mySQL, or other sexy ways to handle XML data. Or they know HTML5 or Java, or both.  They have vision for design, and integration, and for building the most awesome travel site ever!  

The reason this is worse than dating is that I actually NEED this perfect man of mine.  

I will go through great lengths to find this person.  I am even considering moving out west.  Lots of people I respect, have suggested that I do.  

But if you know someone in NYC that I should meet, do let me know.