Let go and receive.

There are days when God speaks loud and clear, the message is delivered in multiple ways so that we don’t miss it. I love how persistent the voice of God is. Today the message, for me, was let go and receive. The first message was delivered at church this morning, ‘forget what is behind and strain toward what is ahead…press toward the goal to win the prize’. The second installment was delivered by a new and special friend ‘First things first: Stop saying you’ve never been able to stick to something like this. That’s the past. It’s a new day’.

It is a new day! And we do have to let go of things passed to have room for things to come, for God’s promises to be delivered. Our hearts have to be ready to receive, and that can’t happen when they are filled with junk.

I have to let go of, I can’t, never have kind of attitude. I have to believe I can, that I will. God is behind me, how can I not. My friends are behind me, how can I not.

So Whether it’s a relationship, a job, or simply an attitude, it’s time to let go, believe, and receive.