Life(style) changes. Day 1.

Yesterday was day one of forty. I was nervous about starting yesterday because I won’t get fresh direct until tonight. But I figured there are plenty of choices around the office that fit phase one of the Maker’s Diet. And it was better to start and have to re-start, than to keep waiting. I am starting to feel excited about the challenge and feel like if I can be disciplined enough to do this, then I can be disciplined enough to do many other things. I know it’s only day two but that’s my attitude today.

Day one:

Breakfast- spinach, onion and tomatoes omelet.

Snack: BluePrint Cleanse lemon and cayenne pepper juice. They happen to sell them in my office’s cafeteria.

Lunch: Chipotle salad with extra filing of chicken, tomato salsa and fajita veggies only. It was delicious even without the corn salsa, or the cheese or the dressing— who knew?!

Snack: BluePrint Cleanse cashew juice. I am not sure if this is technically ok in phase one, but all the ingredients seem to be on the ok list. Regardless, it was filling and delicious and healthy and organic. Check, check, check.

Dinner: Sashimi and garden salad-no dressing. Salmon, tuna, and other white fish. No shrimp, crab or other ‘sea scavengers’.

I woke up super hungry because I had dinner before 7pm. Today I’ll probably add a snack before bed time.

Not so bad for the first day! Come on day two…. Fists in the air.