Love the translation!

You know when someone says there are no silly questions?! They are right but there is a silly way to ask them…

This question gets asked a lot on Quora, but this one strikes me due to the phrasing. As someone who asked this question myself at one point, and someone who started one of the many websites specifically to address this issue, please pardon me and allow me to be blunt by translating this into engineer speak.

"I am a creative guy with a startup idea."

=> I have not bothered to put up a landing page, survey to test customer demand, or done any customer development whatsoever. However, I do spend a lot of time daydreaming.

"Where is the best place to find a rockstar developer to bring it to life?"

=> Where can I find someone to do my work for me for free for a year of their life? Someone who is egotistical enough to call themselves a rockstar, yet humble enough not to want 99% of the equity?

This person does not exist.

You need to prove not only that your idea has merit, but that you can execute on the idea beyond just thinking of it.

Until you have proven both of those things to some degree, there is no place to find this person. This is not to say you should give up. It is to say, “get to work.”