Not a Pivot, a Change in Lanes

The last three and a half months since leaving Goldman have been nothing short of thrilling, and I mean that in the entire sense of the word.  It has been both exciting and scary.  I have been in constant flux.

It has taken me all three and a half months, and almost a month of being completely separated from my world in New York to make sense of it all. 

When I left GS, the path ahead was both clear and foggy.  Clear in the sense that I knew what I was setting out to do— to build something that could have a positive impact.  That something looked like a travel site, and naturally this idea was fueled by my passion to see and experience the world.

The road was foggy in the sense that I wasn’t quite sure how to get from where I was to where I wanted to be.  In the process, the advice came pouring in.  As an aside, I have been so humbled by the help and friendship people from the startup community have extended.

I listened to all the advice and explored all options.  Some of the options included joining a startup before venturing out on my own.  I explored that option fully, and in the process discovered some of the most amazing concepts and technology that will no doubt change and revolutionize entire industries. 

I attended numerous, numerous events and met genius people in masses.  I even landed a gig as a contributing writer for Tech Cocktail, one of the things I have enjoyed most. 

And in the end, it all ties back to GS.  When you are an entrepreneur, all by yourself, it’s lonely.  So you try and work with other people who are all trying to accomplish the same goal—build and through building and innovating, make the world better.  One of those people was a former GS colleague, Jay Finch (@jaylfinch). 

He shared his ideas and plan for executing with me.   All this was consistent with the goals he had shared with me years ago while still at GS.  He wanted to create wealth in local communities, and now he was actually working on making that happen.

We worked out of the same coffee shops, sharing resources and ideas, and sharing a similar frustration—finding a co-founder was a nightmare.  Mostly because it felt like marrying someone you just met five minutes ago.  And then he proposed—for us to be co-founders of Common Equity.  And I accepted!!!

So what happened to the travel site, the answer is that it’s on hold for the foreseeable future.  Creating wealth in local communities, helping small businesses get the funding they so desperately need (as over 74% of small business loans were declined last year) are just much more urgent matters to attend to. 

I will always love to travel and I will continue to do it as much as I possibly can.  I will continue to share my discoveries and experiences with all who will listen.  I will not stop trying to get people to see the magnificence that is God’s creation.  In fact, through my articles on Tech Cocktail, I hope to share all the innovation I find in the travel space.

I am so happy about joining Jay, and so excited about the impact I know we will make.  I am focused on launching our first product, socstock.  Stay tuned because we are making huge strides in launching our beta.   

This last three months have been thrilling, and I cannot wait for what’s next.  The word pivot is so frequently used in startup world.  But I did not pivot my idea, I changed lanes.  Still headed in the same direction.