Occupy Wall Street

Warning:  This may offend some people.  But strong opinions often do.

I am all for speaking your mind.  I believe in expressing one’s opinion and in feeling safe while doing it.  

The problem I have with <some> protesters is that the very rights for which they are protesting often become the things they violate.

Protest all you want.  But when you start to interrupt people’s days, when you start making people feel unsafe, you have violated other’s rights.  Should they protests against you?

I no longer work on wall street, but it was my life for six years.  And one of the things that bothered me so much then, was that most people do not take the time to understand how things work.  They are mad because someone else told them they should be mad.  But often, they are mad at the wrong thing and/or for the wrong reasons.  

People are beyond angry at the amount of money that people make on wall street. Recent college grads making seventy thousand dollars! This is the first mistake, people assume that EVERYONE is making millions.  I worked for six years, was a VP, and I did not make millions, not even close.  At seventy thousand, in New York, they are probably paying 30% in taxes.  We’re down to fifty thousand.  On average, a first year analyst works eighty to a hundred hours a week.  After tax, and assuming ninety hour weeks, they are making $10 an hour.  Now, If they had an hourly job, and worked ninety hours, they would make a lot more than fifty thousand, because they would make overtime. 

If you are making more than two hundred thousand, in New York, you are paying close to 50% in taxes.  And I am sorry, but that’s a lot.  I am not, by any means, saying that living on one hundred thousand dollars is a bad thing.  What I am saying is that the other one hundred thousand went to taxes.

To get a job on wall street, or at least in my experience, you have to work really hard.  I didn’t go to Harvard, or Princeton or had my mom and dad get me my job.  MOST people I worked with didn’t either.  They studied a lot in college, got multiple internships.  

Everyone I worked with earned every dollar they made.  

They worked hard, they sacrificed a lot to get to where they are.  You have no idea what is driving them.  But even if it’s money, what made you the judge?

isn’t everyone free to pursue and work for the things they want?

Are there bad people, greedy people on wall street?  Sure there are— people who don’t care to hurt others to get what they want.  But don’t these people exist everywhere?

I left wall street, because I wanted to have a bigger impact in the world.  I wanted to help people.  My time on wall street is helping me do that now.

This is my protest.  I protest that people take the time to understand before they camp outside people’s homes and make it unsafe to go to a doctor’s appointment in the financial district.