Relevant is most important

This is the age of information.  If you can’t find something on the internet, you are not looking hard enough.  The problem has become too much irrelevant information.  And having to look through a haystack to find the needle one really wants or needs to find.

Why must I get a daily Groupon email with 50% off male jeans? And BTW, Groupon asked me if I was a female or male.  I said female.  

Why must I search 22 different travel sites to find the trip I want to take?

In my opinion, we need more companies to help us find RELEVANT information, not bombard us with a bunch of information that we don’t care about. 

Too little information can also be a problem.  While I love Jetsetter, this is curation to the other extreme.  And while I trust Jetsetter will give me great hotel deals, I always end up looking around because they provide too little to chose from.  

There has to be a middle ground in the land of too much information and too much curation.  

I love sites like @yipit — They send me all the daily deals but only in categories that I care about it, not just the ones they think I will like.  I love sites like @hipmunk that show me only flights that are relevant to my search.