Seasons Change

I had all sorts of random thoughts today, like how no matter what we do the seasons change. As summer comes to an end, subtle hints call for fall’s arrival. The darker early mornings, the cool breeze that caresses my face on my walk to the subway, and the leaves that are already starting to adorn the grass.

The earth’s pattern made me realize that in life the change in seasons also come with subtle hints, and no matter what we do, how hard we try to hang on, the seasons will change. We can either prepare, get the boots out of the closet , recognize the changing environment at work, embrace the new reality of our friendships, or we can refuse and be cold, overlooked, or feel the sadness of friendships past.
I don’t know why we get scared of change, sure fall and winter are cold, and come with a feeling of melancholy, and we get sick, but every single year, spring arrives!
And honesty, fall is beautiful, and sweaters hide the summer BBQ pounds, so it’s not all bad! Winter brings snow, perfect for skiing, and pretty lights in the city.
So this year, I will change with the seasons, and enjoy the beauty of each season and when spring arrives again, just as the trees have new leaves, I look forward to having new perspective in my life and relationships , and new, fresh professional and personal relationships while discovering all sorts of new things!

There is beauty in every season!!