100 Days of Happiness


From changing careers, to traveling to Paris and Barcelona, to simply enjoying a meal at home, the last 100 days have truly been filled with happiness, joy and discovery.

My 100 Happy Days Chronicle was not about a long list of things to do, to change in order to be a happier person.  It was simply a way to stop and smell the roses.  To recognize that in every day there is something to smile about.  Sometimes those things were life-changing like joining Define American, and sometimes they were small things like the smell of a great cup of coffee.

My first picture was at BRICK, Day 1, and I really thought my 100th picture would be of me looking like a hot crossfit girl, instead I went too hard and got myself injured and now I haven’t been able to train in almost a month.  I look pretty much the same, haha.  But I don’t feel the same.  

The biggest thing I discovered is that I just have to live a life I CHOSE. 

When I look back at all the pics I posted a few things are clear:

I love to lift heavy things, and sweat and be an athlete at BRICK.  

I love to eat good food, and drink good wine.

I LOVE spending time with my loved ones, including my cats. 

I am IN LOVE with my Define American team, we’re chaining the world! 

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