like running into an ex-boyfriend....

Earlier this week I visited my old stomping grounds at 200 West, and I was nervous and excited to see and catch up with former colleagues.  

I felt right at home as soon as I walked, like I could get on the phone and call my old clients and pitch them on why this is a great time to invest in one of our products… vol is up, credit spreads widening, investors are nervous, great time to get protected…. etc. I even got a smile on my face thinking about it. 

It was a great feeling to still be excited and smile about the last six years of my life.  I got the sense that the time I spent there was not a waste. 

But, and while it was exciting, I was also glad to have moved on.  

Just like running into an ex-boyfriend…  It was good to see them doing well, it was good to feel comfortable in their presence, even nice to smile about things past.  But it was even nicer to know that you outgrew that relationship, and that the new one is much better suited for you.