The Structure of Life.

For many of us, life has a certain structure since we were kids.  There are a lot of details which are different for each of us but the basic skeleton is pretty much mapped out.  

We go to elementary school, followed by middle school then high school. In high school it’s all about getting good grades, good SAT scores, about being involved in the right clubs all to get to a good college.  Then we are off to college.  This is maybe the first time that some are lucky enough or brave enough to really choose.  

A lot of us though spend our time in college molding ourselves to be good job candidates. Once we get that ‘dream’ job is about the next promotion, the next raise. This basic roadmap doesn’t allow for too many pivots.  For me, being on this, very defined road was no longer an option. So I decided to get off that road.

I have never been more scared, anxious, or felt more inadequate in my life.  If I had to describe it in two words, it would be FREE FALLING.  For the first time in my life, I actually have to choose and there are multiple roads to follow.  None of which are clearly marked- THE RIGHT ROAD

But even though this is freaking uncomfortable, it’s the best time ever!  I keep saying how lucky I am to have the luxury to actually stop and think and figure out in which direction I want to take my life.  And I do feel lucky and scared at the same time.  

But it’s comforting to know that being brave does not mean not being scared, but a brave person is one who is ready to face and endure danger or pain.  

Whatever road I choose next whether good or bad will at least be one that only I will choose.