My One Year Affair

You know when you are so sore that you can’t even sit on the toilet without your hands aiding you?  That’s what happened to me after my first intro to crossfit class at Brick New York.  Notice the squatting picture in the middle, my chest forward, my hips not below my knees, that was me a year ago- day one.  But just the other day, I back-squatted 150lbs! 

The past year has brought some many changes in my life, I became a citizen of the United States, I was laid off only to find the job of my dreams, my family went through some challenging times but no matter what else has been going on in my life, I always feel like a badass when I crossfit.  After every WOD, I think to myself, I just did that?!  

Crossfit has been more than a physical journey.  I’ve never been a skinny girl, I probably never will be, but what I am, is a strong girl!  I am stronger than my muscles show, crossfit has helped me to see that so many of the limitations I put on myself are only mental.  

I am so thankful to my good friend Art, who harassed me to try crossfit for almost a year.  To my friend Fiana, who embarked on this journey with me and kept me going. To Aaron for befriending me, pushing me, and spotting me!  To every single coach, Heidi, Erica, Josh, Ben, Amy, Go, Greg, Ian, Dell, Will, Sherry, Michael… All of them have taught me so much, pushed me, and made me go places I never thought possible.  And all my fellow crossfiters who make the BRICKNATION community one hell of a place to get strong, get fit and get pass mental fears. 

I can’t wait to get back to New York on Monday and go see my Brick Fam!