Entrepreneurs, the artist of our time.

I had the rare pleasure of seeing works of Miro, Picasso and Dali.  All in the same exhibition that told their story and how both Miro and Dali were influenced by Picasso. The exhibition is called “Angry Young Men: The Birth of Modernity”.  As an aside, I discovered that I much prefer the works of Miro.

These artist shaped and changed the way we looked at the world. They were angry and ready to brake down barriers. No longer are artist constraint by traditional shapes.  All three men took risk with their art.  They had transformative power.

I got to thinking, who are the artist of our time?  Who is changing the world and transforming it?  And it dawned on me… Entrepreneurs!  WE are the artist of the 21st century!  

We are changing the world!  We are transforming the way people look at things, the way they do things.  We are making a mark in history.  We can make things better.

We are sitting at cafes talking and acting on our dreams.  Influencing each other and being inspired by one another.