Day 40: Twelve Pounds Later

Yesterday was the last day of the 40 day Makers Diet program.  I have lost twelve pounds in 40 days, but most importantly I have shown myself that I can finish what I started.  I will never go 40 days without eating something I am not suppose to eat, but my love-hate relationship with food is more love than hate these days. 

I love food, truly enjoy eating a good meal. I savored it, I picture it, it brings me joy.  But my whole life I have struggled with my weight, with eating a lot of bad stuff, and then trying to lose weight in five minutes.  My journey is far from over, truly it has just begun.

There were days during the last forty where I wanted to give up, where I looked at myself and said, well, this is just they way I will look.  But thanks to the encouragement of everyone around me and this inner strength that God has given me, I did not give up.  I am still thirteen pounds away from when I felt my sexiest, however, I no longer feel defeated when I eat unhealthy.  

Some people might think this new way of eating is very restrictive, but on the contrary it is freeing.  I no longer beat myself up for having a bad meal, I just make the next five meals according to my new standards— and that is victory for me. 

Training is over, now is real life. 

Day 28: just the menu.

Breakfast: one slice of whole wheat sourdough with almond butter. The bread is really a phase 3 item but it was already in the house and it was delicious.

Lunch: chicken soup with spinach, carrots, onions and cilantro.

Dinner: two chicken wings and a few sweet potato fries.

Post dinner: a few spoonfuls of chia seed- coconut milk pudding.

Exercise: about a two mile walk.

Phase three is finally here- two weeks left and have to make them count!

Day 25: living with pain

Many people who know me, know that I have been afflicted with many types of ailments over the years. From back pain, to acid reflux, other tummy issues, and now shoulder and neck pain. It hasn’t been fun. It’s emotionally draining. Taking it one day at a time is really important. Enjoying each day that is pain free is so important to remember what is like to live without pain. I have been very lucky that for the better part of the last two years I have been relatively pain free. Now I have this shoulder thing that might require surgery, but I am believing that God can heal my body like he has many times before.

Stress really can kill you. I have been particularly stressed out the last two weeks and I can immediately feel the pain in my stomach and my back.

Putting good things in my body is so important for my long-term health. Having fun, and enjoying each day is equally important.

The Maker’s Diet makes claims to return you to optimal health, and in some ways I think it does. It’s not a complete healing, but it has made me more aware of the things I do every day that either benefit or hurt my body. It has allowed me to listen to my body telling me it needs rest, exercise, more or less food, and that is a victory in itself.

Day 25 menu:

Breakfast: berries and Faye Greek yogurt

Lunch: chicken, beets, Brussels sprouts and broccoli

Dinner: a wing, grilled chicken and a few fries, and a TEXAS WIN!

Day 24: sharing is caring

One of my favorite parts about this journey has been sharing it with people. The other, using all the stuff people have shared with me. I haven’t used any of the recipes in the Maker’s diet book, I have stuck to recipes on blogs for 24 days! That’s a lot of meals made, that’s a lot of power in sharing experiences, with friends, with strangers, with strangers who become friends.

Day 23 menu:

Breakfast: celery, pineapple, carrot juice— finally used the juicer! And a Faye Greek yogurt.

Lunch: Pret Chicken Avocado salad and a few pieces of roasted carrots.

Snack: 6oz cup of pineapple.

Dinner: roasted vegetables and hummus and pita bread. This is probably a phase 3 meal and also not a proper dinner. But I was out and this is the best I could do with the menu.

Texas plays today and as they say, what you do every day is more important than what you do sometimes ;)

Day 19: too much temptation

All day I avoided the free food at my training. Bagels, croissants, muffins, deli sandwiches, chips, brownies, sodas. All of it. But I could not say no to cake in celebration of my friend’s bday or to a few pieces of Gnocchi that tasted like heaven. I am only human. But I did walk a mile, and have perfectly healthy, within the guidelines, breakfast and lunch. And as I write this, it’s day 20, and I am 50% of the way to my goal!!! Yuppie.

Day 19

Breakfast: melon and cottage cheese

Coffee with whole cow’s milk

Lunch: mixed greens, garbanzo beens, carrots, broccoli, feta, sesame seeds, olive oil, and balsamic vinegar. A couple of pieces of beef from a stew.

Dinner: veggies, 2 small meatballs, Bronzino with spinach and fennel. And also some Gnocchi from my friend’s plate and cake. Ummm… Seeing it in writing makes it worse. That was too much food. Sigh.

Soul cycle to the rescue.

Day 17: Weird Cravings

Who in the world craves cottage cheese? Eggs for dinner?… People on the Maker’s diet.
I should have started phase two on Day 14, but given all the deliciousness I consumed while in Nashville, I extended phase one a few days. But today, day 18- I get to have cottage cheese and melon! I can’t wait to get to the office’s cafeteria.

Day 17 menu:

Breakfast: Omelet with tomato, onions, and spinach.

Lunch: Dig-in chicken, Brussels sprouts, and beets.

Snack: a few almonds and tea

Dinner: Picadillo with veggies and scrambled eggs.

Days 11-14 Re-do

Days 11-14 were non-existent.

I love to travel and to emerge myself in all sorts of local things. In Nashville it was the BBQ, the fried chicken and country music.

I can’t really let myself feel bad, I had the best fried chicken I’ve had in my life!

There were times I felt discouraged and guilty for going off the deep end. But I realized that I could never go to Italy and not have pasta or go to France and not have delicious bread and wine.

What I could have done however was some research on restaurants that had food I could eat for a few meals, so that I didn’t ‘cheat’ 100% of the time. At one point though, I just decided to enjoy myself, food is not my enemy. My attitude is, my own discouraging thoughts. And if this is really a life-style change then it has to work for the long term and it has to fit my life.

So, instead of starting phase two tomorrow, I am going back to phase one for one more week to re-start my system and my attitude.

I had a great trip, and I am already cooking yummy meals for the week.

Keep on trucking.