Days 11-14 Re-do

Days 11-14 were non-existent.

I love to travel and to emerge myself in all sorts of local things. In Nashville it was the BBQ, the fried chicken and country music.

I can’t really let myself feel bad, I had the best fried chicken I’ve had in my life!

There were times I felt discouraged and guilty for going off the deep end. But I realized that I could never go to Italy and not have pasta or go to France and not have delicious bread and wine.

What I could have done however was some research on restaurants that had food I could eat for a few meals, so that I didn’t ‘cheat’ 100% of the time. At one point though, I just decided to enjoy myself, food is not my enemy. My attitude is, my own discouraging thoughts. And if this is really a life-style change then it has to work for the long term and it has to fit my life.

So, instead of starting phase two tomorrow, I am going back to phase one for one more week to re-start my system and my attitude.

I had a great trip, and I am already cooking yummy meals for the week.

Keep on trucking.

Day 5- Friday night date

I was super excited when I got on the scale this morning and it read almost 6lbs lighter, in 4 days?! It could be broken, but I think the better explanation is that, that is how much bad stuff I had in my body!! So 6 down, 15 more to go.

I always like hearing that there is no way I am 20 (now 15) pounds heavier than I was 2yrs ago, but I assure you, I am! Clothes don’t lie!

The other thing that really motivated me today was that others are taking the same leap I am, and that in a small way, I m helping them on their journey. Just like others inspired and are motivating me!

Tonight I went on a date and so I had to be very strict the whole day so I could let a little loose tonight.

Breakfast- 7am
Strawberry, blueberry, coconut milk, and almond butter smoothie

Breakfast 2- 10am
One boiled egg and coffee

Lunch- 12:30
Chipotle salad- again only with chicken, tomato salsa, fajita veggies and very little guac.

Snack 4pm
Blueberries and a few almonds

Dinner- I did the best I could while at Rosa Mexicana.

Guac with a corn tortilla
Grilled Fish- I did not eat the rice of beans
2 skinny margaritas

We’ll have to see what damage I did when I get on the scale on Monday. But tomorrow I am getting my Soul Cycle on, to combat the effects of the tortilla and booze.

Tomorrow is a new day!

Day 3- Prayer and Side Effects.

Some people think it’s weird that as part of the Maker’s Diet you are called to start and end your day with prayer.  I think it’s only right that when you are detoxing the body, you should uplift the spirit.  So my day started with a prayer, declaring that I am ‘beautifully and wonderfully made’, and asking the Lord to give me strength and heal my body.  If I didn’t pray these kinds of prayers, I would probably just thank the universe for letting me wake up one more day, and for the opportunity to heal my body and renew my spirit.  Flowers really renew my spirit- so I got me some for encouragement

I needed the extra help today as I started feeling the withdrawal symptoms  of very little sugar, and very little caffeine.  I also skipped the eggs this morning and was hungry all day— not doing that again!

And I have a confession to make— I’ve been drinking the Green Tea from Honest Tea.  It says it’s made from organic tea leaves, and only has a tad of honey.  But I think technically, I am not suppose to have it. Ah well. I have to have a fuller breakfast tomorrow. 

Day 3 Menu:


Coconut milk and strawberry smoothie.


A few raw almonds, and fresh strawberries.


Grilled Salmon Salad- with spinach, string beans, and cherry tomatoes, with vinegar,olive oil and pepper.  


More almonds, and the Green Honest Tea


Modified Dominican Chicken Stew with a side of broccoli. 

The original recipe is here. 

I skipped the sugar and the olives, used sesame oil instead of olive oil, and used tomato sauce with no added sugar or salt.  I used very little salt and instead used more herbs like basil, and added a little more cilantro at the end.  I’ve made this recipe before and honestly, this modified, healthier, version tasted amazing!  Left overs for lunch tomorrow.