One thing at a time

I was pretty overwhelmed with my (mental) to do list earlier this week.  I really need to start writing things down.

But a thought came to me- One thing at a time.  

What is the number one, most important thing I have to do this week?  Focus on that. Once that is done and over with, focus on the next thing.

Multi-tasking can be overrated.  And don’t get me wrong, multi-tasking is important. But if there are multiple things that are super important, but do not have the same urgency— then focus on the most important, most urgent thing first.  

My friend Katie told me of these quadrants.  Important, Not Important going across, and Urgent, Not Urgent going down.  Try and stay in the Important and Not Urgent quadrant, but when things are in the Urgent and Important, take care of those first.