8. Say What?!?!?!


Making the decision to leave wall street was not an easy one.  If I am honest with myself, it was not something I thought I would actually do. I often think of random ideas in my head about a product that will do this, that or the other.  Or, a website that will provide some amazing service. Or, of changing the way the world does a certain thing. But none of these ideas pulled my heart hard enough to make me think of leaving.  As I mentioned in day 10, I didn’t know what was next.  So I kept thinking, and I kept letting ideas form in my head.  When I actually thought of the one that I am leaving to pursue, I could not stop thinking about it.  I dream about it.  I am told my eyes light up when I talk about it. I assume it’s in the same way one’s eyes light up after a great first date, or maybe even more.   So when I finally made the decision to leave, I checked myself. What?! I thought. No way.  This must be some sort of joke.  I had too many drinks.  But nope, the idea kept popping up.  So I discussed it more and more with friends.  I vetted the idea with people I trust and whose opinions I respect. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive.  Yet, I don’t think many people, even those close to me, thought I would go through with it. So why did I?

Partly, because I feel responsible to the universe to go and live MY dream. Partly, because there is nothing more appealing than creating something that’s my own (and Robert’s). And partly, because I just want to know, I can do it. 

Say What, turned into Say No More.  Do it.