The Things I Learned from Dad.

To ride a bike. To drive a car. That you never go on a long trip without checking the pressure on the tires and the oil. To cook an omelet. To make Carne Guisada. To grill a piece of meat to perfection.To be nice to people. To be humble, because humble people are the most confident.  They don’t need to show off, they know who they are.To be strong.  To endure.  The confidence necessary to recite a poem in front of hundreds of people at age 8.  To me there was only you in the audience. And you were smiling at me. Forgiveness. Even now …. You are teaching me to keep going.

I use to find it interesting that people made a big deal the day someone died.  I thought, they are gone every other day too.  And while this is true, I miss my dad a lot, on most days I think of him.  But today, just feels like a big punch.  Like, it happened today.  So today I honor him.  Not by crying, but by cheering to all the things he taught me.