Tokyo- night one

The first night in Tokyo has already revealed so much of what is Japan. The flight was long but with so much good food, adult beverages and movies, it seemed much shorter than 14hrs.

The streets are a maze and have no names or numbers. Even if they did, it wouldn’t help me much. We got lost tying to find our airbnb apartment but two young Japanese folks walked us a couple of ‘blocks’ to our building. That’s the first thing I have seen- Japanese are nice, welcoming and friendly.

Unless you are trying to grab a drink at a bar that is Japanese only. They turned us down politely, only saying it was a ‘private party’. Second thing I learned, Japanese are nice but still try very hard to keep things Japanese.

So off we went to eat Ramen at a pretty small, crowded place filled with locals. It was delicious. Next, a Sake bar where we made some new friends. Everyone’s response to us being from New York is ’ wow, I want to visit’.

Lastly, even in Japan I found Harlem. A cool, hip hop place. And to our surprise an all-girl teen band made an appearance and the crowd went nuts. Our clue to try and get some sleep— hard when your body thinks it’s lunch time.

Tomorrow Japanese baseball awaits.

Jesus is pretty entertained watching Japanese soap operas at the moment. It’s funny hearing his deduction of the events on the screen.