Two kinds of people?

My response to the post:

Being an entrepreneur is a luxury not everyone can afford. What I mean by this is that not everyone is in a position to drop everything. Some people have wives, husbands, children, elderly parents, etc. to consider. 

I consider myself lucky to be in a position where I can NOW put everything on the line. I left my job last Thursday, and it’s liberating to have the luxury to work on my own thing now. Granted, I worked for six years, saved some money and now I am making the leap.

I don’t think that working, and saving while I thought of my idea makes me less of an entrepreneur. What I think makes me one is that I am still taking a huge risk now by leaving my job and ‘risking it all’ to go make my idea a reality.

Would I spend all my savings on executing my idea, absolutely. 

Thanks Chris for generating so many passionate comments!