uninspired lately

I haven’t been writing much lately, I hadn’t been inspired and nothing interesting had happened in a few weeks.  I’d been waiting on some news for a few weeks and the anticipation was killing me.  While it wasn’t the outcome I wanted to hear, I am glad to know the answer and move on.

The best part about not getting the outcome I was hoping for, is that it energized me even more.  I forgot that defeat (if this can be called that) can be invigorating.  

I often learn lessons from my little brother.  He’s had a rough patch the last few weeks and he feels like nothing ever turns out the way he wants.  He’s 18 and going through the stressful process of applying to college.  

But talking to him yesterday about his latest defeat (breaking a door after getting locked out), I remembered that it is the tough times that define us, the tough times that make us.

And I reminded him that mom and dad never gave up.  They always did whatever they had to do to make it happen.  My mom at her age always tells me about her plans for her jewelry store, the plans she has to make it bigger and better.  If there is one lesson I l learned from mom & dad is that it’s not over until it’s over.  My dad was still working a week before he passed.  

I needed to be inspired, I was feeling like I was on cruise control.  Now I am ready to take the wheel and stop living on the passenger seat.